About us

Hiratech Software Solutions or HTSS is a software development and website design company and has been an ideal choice for many ever since its inception. The company has its headquarter in Pomona, a Californian State in United States. HTSS has expanded its services to a host of new advance technology solutions with the latest being the basic and smart phone mobile application development, SEO, E-mail marketing, QA and testing, Usability analysis, R&D technology consulting and FoxPro conversion.

It is not just software that we develop we constantly work for the brand identity of entities trusting in us and making us what we are an R&D investment entity. The leading ISV’s know us across the United States and we have the experience of working with leading multinational conglomerates spreading our foothold across the USA. We have a well devoted team of developers and graphic designers to work out the best result beyond focusing on just labor cost arbitrage to being a trusted source and a contributor towards product innovation.

These are the reasons behind, having a client base across U.S markets showing trust in us and going for reinvestment contracts to focus on new design implementations, high performance software and smarter websites.

HTSS- We are the strategy builders

Nothing can be more viable than the strategic option we propose and implement into our software development methodologies. HTSS is the perfect choice in this regard for a more strategic R&D and end to end product development. We are constantly striving to be a step ahead than our competitors. We share the vision of the customers that they put forth before us and we always make it possible for them to believe in us and to what we have to offer them.


Why do you have to land up here? It’s simple, because of our huge portfolio of projects of what we do with internet and intranet technologies, mission critical enterprise application development, domain expertise and system programming. We extend over a vast area across all business verticals like Grid Computing, Internet Advertising, CRM, Networking, FoxPro Conversions, Security, Ticketing and online booking, Healthcare, Telecom, Logistics, Finance, etc.