E-Mail Marketing

We are the best in industry in bringing effective solutions and promotional strategies for your business through e-mail. From development of tools to create product oriented mailers, newsletters and bulk e-mailing of the same to social media integration like ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ buttons, HTSS Group e-mail marketing service has left no stone unturned. Not just post development the team of expertise at HTSS group works while the development process is on to know more about custom needs of the business and also making grave to little modification as per diverse customer demand.

The service team for e-mail marketing takes care of all e-mailing necessities like creation of tools for e-mail newsletters to managing subscribers. The whole e-mail system comes automated with auto-responder follow-up e-mailing, contact us query e-mail management and also creation of sign-up forms through our wizard feature for new members and other related e-mail management like, new member account activation e-mail, forgot Password e-mail and e-mail a friend feature.

We offer:-