HTSS Group features a range of services offered with the best tools in use to custom develop application, work with its scripting, based on algorithms, has integrated solutions like distributor catalog integration, form and proposal design, product catalog server and mobile application development.

Custom Scripts for your Business Needs

HTSS Group brings in custom solutions designed for maximum flexibility and off the shelf application offered and a built in scripting that goes with it. We help satisfy distinctive needs of our customers irrespective of what business they do but we provide with utmost flexibility which is what's needed at the end of the day.

Our off the shelf application and the scripting we do is based on custom defined user interface, customized algorithm defining price of the product on offer and a unique custom client feature. The team of sales representatives available is ready to help round the clock answering queries, forwarding troubleshoot solutions and looking into suggestions and customer feedback. The scripting is user-friendly and open to crucial upgrades from time to time without the risk of possible breakdown.

The scripting makes possible modifications through the features as given below:-
  • Scripting based on user defined solutions, pricing algorithms and lookup feature.
  • Automated e-commerce solution and content development.
  • Scripting tools with e-commerce help
  • Custom defined information lookup feature, notifications and well defined processes
  • Quote to order feature benefits.
Distributor Catalog Integration- Real Time Pricing

Information which is outdated is of no use to us. We like being updated every now and then. The three essentials in a business are its customers, documents and product resources and information. Documents can be handled with automated software transferring and assimilating data updates and furnishing them to clients in need. Information digging is purely negated with the affirmation of providing a solution working best for real time price updates and timely information about product and services. A distributor catalog integrates with already running automated services keeping real time information at the sales representative’s fingertips. The data that the distributor has is incorporated into the system through document files, spreadsheets, data files integrated into the sales process for quality leads.

The Catalog capabilities are underlined below:-
  • Integrates with product data source as provided by the distributor or the manufacturer.
  • Standard data files, CSV document and ODBC data source integration.
  • Mapping of multiple files and XML based data.
  • Distributor support for real time purchase order placed through XML feeds, shipment tracking and other features.
  • Multiple tool sets.
  • Dynamic tool sets supporting incoming distributor data.
  • Full control of product data of how it is accessed and by which user.
  • Constantly working with distributor partners to bring in new features.
The Product Catalog

At HTSS Group, you’ll be astonished by the sales presentation power and richness of the quotes and proposals. Adding to it is the product catalog integration and the catalog server serving up data to own network users and also to users accessing through secure login from mobile interfaces. Your sales representatives can now virtually add modify and delete sold out products in nick of time through the product catalog backend login and do the needful towards its maintenance. There is flexibility, reliability and accuracy for the sales representatives to act fast. The catalog server integration also deals with certain downloaded product catalog from suppliers and new business entities.

The product catalog features and benefits are as follows:-
  • Dynamic Load of data from all standard sources
  • Custom data fields and rich content editor
  • Low in cost but with automated features
  • Product data access from own network and through mobile interface
  • Works for all platform clients
  • Easy to implement catalog
  • All product data accessible with ease
  • Fast and responsive product inquiries
  • Maintenance of catalog data after its download in the most secure manner.

Form Generator and Design Templates

HTSS Group offers a suite of design services and a form generator to sign up, software subscription and for ‘request-a-quote’ feature. The e-commerce software has the online shopping cart with several integrated features like Quick Books, Backend management, inventory management tools etc. Similarly HTSS contributes towards the branding,

Its features:-
  • Form designing through form generator template pre-defined themes and attractive corporate look.
  • Word document integration and best content support
  • Input and output design compliance working best when merging two designs in compatible formats
  • Business process review feature
  • Licensed graphics used.
  • Video tutorial and complete explanation of the overall functionality.
  • Off-the-shelf template

Order Page Custom Designing

Why leave the order page? Our teams of professionals work out corporate designs to go with your custom order page. Yes we had made it customizable with training options available. The website in a way help in the overall branding, messaging and build a corporate image which will be accepted worldwide, satisfying customers and a good conversion ratio for your business.

Design Features:-
  • Design and branding with corporate order page with custom benefits.
  • Full training sessions for the novice who would like to incorporate design elements on their own.
  • Start-up templates for the order page and support from the training staff in case of modification required
  • Custom fields and drop down menu

Mobile Application Development

HTSS engages itself in developing mobile applications putting into use high performance solutions and out of the box design strategies, an interactive mobile user interface working on all latest platforms and mobile OS. The company has devised methods for round the clock support and highly flexible development of applications using mobile web services and social media sharing features. The application is time tested and very reliable for basic as well as smart phones.

Mobile Application Features:-
  • Application development for basic phones in J2ME language and also for touchscreen smart phones.
  • An application for Windows phone, Java enabled Android
  • XML based mobile applications
  • Multiple APIs
  • The objective C language used for programming of applications for years
  • An application developed to run on blackberry phones
  • Existing e-commerce system integration and upgrade friendly.
  • Platform specific SDK for future developments.
  • Native iPad application development
  • 24x7 support and troubleshoot