Technical Support

The ability to troubleshoot to the best of ability is what every customer expects and when you are at HTSS, you can be rest assured of getting that round the clock. The HTSS technical help desk is well trained to take up troubleshooting of system setups, security, configurations and on occasions of critical crises.

Our technical staff has the expertise and they have proved them time and again working as a troubleshooting team following a structured process. There are three levels in the overall technical support system depending upon how grave the question is and how largely it affects the overall functionality of the online system.

When customer satisfaction largely depends on the effectiveness of well a business and its technical support can resolve issues, solve error and provide with specialized support, beefing up the support feature is the need of the hour, HTSS makes sure all possibilities to have a knowledgeable, well trained and resourceful technical team are properly met.

1st Level Support

The first level is answering the basic how to, when to, where to questions that further explains the functionality of the online system accessed by the query seeker.

2nd Level Support

Certain tasks require manual support and troubleshooting with all necessary options like editing configuration files, changing site components and correcting errors. The Vendor support assigns levels of access to perform related tasks to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

3rd Level Support

This relates to error resolved by means of doing modification in the application codec used when all other possibilities and options have failed in this regard.

HTSS Technical Helpdesk- Supporting Key Elements

HTSS technical support takes care of certain key elements and crucial areas and allowing customers to leave worries behind and concentrate on their core competencies. This then reduces the load on the managerial staff and other departments and resources of the company dealing with us. Here are the key elements that we concentrate upon and assure best of our services.

Service Channels

We have multiple service channels that make things feasible, over the more reliable and the best mix of services to support your processes and online system. Our agents have been trained time and again to provide support that moves across all channels with one or more medium used for communication and processing a contact record. The various service channels have been listed below:

Voice Support

We take up clients through our voice services facilitating personalized support through the following:-

Email Support

All the points as mentioned in the point above for Voice support are fulfilled through e-mail and support for various service requirements.

We provide email support for various service requirements. Responses could vary from simple to very complex technical email queries. Appropriate training makes it possible for our executives to flawlessly handle all the queries. Our services include:

Help on Chat

The 24x7 live chat assists customer with queries that range from basic to hardcore at times when it is needed the most. Sometimes customers get stuck in the middle of crucial dealings and online browsing, a real time support comes in handy with ready response and error resolution.

We provide Chat Support for the following:-

Customer Support

Our customer support is by and large the one that is trusted by all. We explore new avenues in customer support and expanding our services along with the following services as mentioned below:-